This textbook is intentionally designed for students who are taking the course of English for Academic Purpose 2 (0002203). It will address the following needs of the students with an emphasis on creating an atmosphere that will encourage the students to embrace and submerge themselves in learning the English language. It is designed according to the following educational disciplines: listening. speaking (presentation), reading and writing skills. This text is organized according to the sequential chapters being taught in the classes of English for Academic Purpose 2. This text is divided into six chapters; that is to say, Chapter One Technology, Chapter Two Food, Drink, and Culture, Chapter Three Cities of the World, Chapter Four Brain Power, Chapter Five A Healthy Lifestyle, and Chapter Six The Weather. Hopefully, after studying this text, students are able to develop their four English skills, and they should be able to apply their knowledge in their daily life more comrectly, efficiently and strategically than they were before.